Virtual Conference


As it is with many events in the COVID era, our 2021 conference will be held virtually. We will be using Zoom as the technology platform to host the conference. We will miss the beautiful surroundings and activities of our typical ski destinations, but we look forward to the camaraderie amongst colleagues that has been a corner stone of AMHCR for 40 years. You can expect multiple sessions on engaging healthcare related topics, organized thematically across two half-day segments. Below you can find FAQs for navigating the conference, both as presenters and attendees. 

We will be using Zoom to conduct the virtual conference. Zoom is a platform used to deliver a rich networking experience To access the conference, you will need at minimum, a computer with an Internet connection. If you are a presenter, you will also need a microphone and a webcam (these can be integrated into your computer). If you are an audience member and want to be able to ask questions of the presenter, you will also need a microphone (and a webcam if you want to be seen). We recommend testing these items before the conference begins to ensure you have a smooth experience. Presenters must join using a computer, and we strongly encourage others to do the same, although mobile devices are acceptable if you are not presenting.

Both attendees and presenters will receive an email with detailed login instructions one week in advance of the conference.

Zoom supports all modern browsers. However, Zoom recommends the latest version of Chrome to be used for the best experience —chrome 79 or latest.

The mobile experience is currently limited to only consumption of live stream, and the interactive features are not accessible. Zoom recommends that you use a desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection. The event is best experienced on Chrome.

Ticket information for admission to the conference can be found by visiting our Registration Page.

Yes, individuals that have been accepted must pay the registration fee in order to present their research.

Yes, anyone who wishes to participate in the virtual conference sessions must register for the event.

Presenter Facts

Presentations are limited to 15-minutes, after which attendees will be given a short amount of time to ask questions.

We strongly recommend using PowerPoint for your presentation, specifically versions that are not cloud based. Google slides is also acceptable, however, using internet-based presentation tools for a virtual conference can be unpredictable due to bandwidth and other factors.

As the conference approaches, we will send detailed instructions to presenters with all of the information necessary for preparation to ensure you have the best presenting experience. Until then, we encourage you to work on your PowerPoint presentation.